Hello analyst!

As I mentioned on our call, I'm currently researching a conspiracy theory called — get ready for this — "birds aren't real." This is a conspiracy theory that started a few years ago ...back in 2018. Here is a Google trends chart showing when the exact phrase "birds aren't real" started being searched:


As you can see, "birds aren't real" wasn't something people really searched for until some time after September 2018.

I'm hoping you can do a search for this exact phrase, and then narrow your results to just those that were published to the web between Sept. 1, 2018 and Nov. 30, 2018. It might also help to limit your results to news. You're looking for one of the very first standards-based news reports about the "birds aren't real" movement — from a local Chicago news organization. If you can find that, then you can answer the first question I have for you.

Thank you!