Can your students tell the difference between fact and fiction?

The Checkology® virtual classroom can help.

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What is the Checkology virtual classroom?

It’s where students learn how to navigate the challenging information landscape by mastering the skills of news literacy. The virtual classroom’s lessons help educators equip their students with the tools to evaluate and interpret the news and learn how to determine what news and other information to trust, share and act on.

Leading journalists, along with First Amendment and digital media experts, guide students through the platform’s interactive multimedia lessons. These e-learning experiences use real-world examples of news and information that test students’ emerging skills and lead them to mastery.

Your students will learn to:

  • Categorize information
  • Make and critique news judgments
  • Explore how the press and citizens can each act as watchdogs
  • Detect and categorize misinformation
  • Interpret and apply the First Amendment
  • Compare the ways that different countries protect or restrict press freedom
  • Identify logical fallacies and evaluate arguments
  • Investigate the impact of personalization algorithms
  • Evaluate bias and learn about confirmation bias

See what the Checkology virtual classroom has to offer:

Our Impact

Students who have used Checkology report significant changes in the ways they think about, share and respond to news and information.

Basic vs. Premium

Basic Access


Limited access to four foundational Checkology news literacy lessons for one-to-many delivery. Preview Premium teacher functionality and access some teacher resources.

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Premium Access


Unlocks complete lesson library and provides additional features, such as lesson plan customization, individual student logins and teacher evaluation and feedback.


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Basic Features

  • Access to all of the platform's interactive lessons hosted by noted journalists and experts on the First Amendment and digital media
  • Lesson plan customization
  • Points and skills badges for student users
  • Student leaderboard
  • Class discussion area
  • Evaluation and feedback tool for in-platform student assessments
  • Student progress auto save
  • Customizable settings for each student section
  • Access to live virtual lessons with journalists and experts in specific topics

Premium Features