Match each scenario with the concept it best demonstrates.

Drag the items on the right to match with the corresponding scenario.

  • A cellphone video of a man unloading bags and hard plastic cases from a van outside of a vote counting center goes viral among conspiracy theorists who falsely claim that it shows fraudulent votes being delivered. In reality, the man is a journalist who is unloading camera equipment.

  • Two naturopathic practitioners with no background in infectious diseases post a video online falsely claiming that wearing masks does not stop the spread of the coronavirus and that gatherings of friends and family are safe.

  • A person with a loved one who was once misdiagnosed by a doctor has a deep-seated suspicion of medical experts. When they encounter a conspiratorial social media post falsely claiming that medical experts are lying to the public about COVID-19, they feel in their gut that it’s true and share it.

  • People in a Facebook group claim that the Earth is not a sphere but is actually flat. They say that the idea that the Earth is a huge spinning sphere that also revolves around the sun is ridiculous and clearly not possible.

  • Confirms existing fears and beliefs

  • Pseudo-experts back up claims

  • Simple explanation to complex phenomena

  • Use of false evidence